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Join SPEAQ to be part of Queensland’s only network of specialist practitioners in the field of men’s domestic and family violence prevention. Membership of SPEAQ is open to professionals and organisations working in the field of domestic and family violence prevention who support the Principles Relating To Membership.

Membership allows you to be part of Queensland’s specialist community of practice working with men to end domestic and family violence – focussed on safe, effective and accountable practice. Connect with colleagues across Queensland and further afield, support staff professional development, keep abreast of new developments and participate in conversations within the sector.

Download the SPEAQ Key Information document.

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Membership Categories

There are several categories of membership within SPEAQ:

Individual members
Membership fee paid by an individual – provides full member privileges.

Organizational members
Membership fee is paid by the organisation – nominated employee participants from that organisation have full member privileges.

Professionals with an interest in SPEAQ can join in some of SPEAQ’s activities for a trial period. No membership fee is payable, and limited privileges apply. Access to certain SPEAQ activities such as teleconferences and regular mailings etc is available during a 6 month grace period.

Invited participants
May include people in an advisory role or otherwise considered to be in SPEAQ’s interests to be given limited membership privileges. This category is by invitation only.


We value inclusivity and have a preference for involvement from all those who are interested. The sustainability of our network however depends on having funds to support the work of the secretariat. As the Qld government does not provide recurrent funding of networks within the DFV sector, funding for the secretariat is based on membership subscription fees, supported by donations and a good dose of voluntary labour. Annual membership subscription fees have been set at the following for 2021-22 (all figures are inclusive of GST):

  • For Individual membership: $77
  • For an organisation or branch (site): $425
    • for organisations, or branches of larger organisations running only one group program, or conducting other related activities
  • For an organisation running more than one (concurrent) group program, an additional $145 for each additional group
    • e.g. for an organisation / branch running two (concurrent) group programs, the total fee is $570
    • This is capped at $715 for 3 or more groups
  • Fee subscriptions are on a financial year basis (1 July to 30 June). Fees are halved for memberships commencing between December and April. Memberships commencing in May or June are current until the end of the following financial year.

For detailed information about membership and member privileges, please read the document Membership Structure and Privileges.


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