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The Centre for Women & Co - Redlands & Bay Islands

This organisation is an Approved Provider under the Domestic and Family Violence Act 2012. The Domestic and Family Violence Intervention Program or Counselling provided by this organisation is an Approved Program.
Program Name: Transforming Men
Phone: 30503060 (option 3)
Address: Redlands
Opening Hours:

8.30am - 4.30pm Monday to Friday (Excluding Thursday Mornings open from 1pm-4.30pm)

Domestic and Family Violence court support for Men and Women Tuesday mornings Wynnum Magistrates Court, Wednesday mornings, Cleveland Magistrates Court

Type of Services Offered:
Men's DFV Behaviour Change - Group Program
Court Information and Assistance

Program Description:

We have invested in delivering best practice approaches to attempt to reduce DFV offending which has emerged from the ‘what works’ literature. Our men’s program is called Transforming Men and we implement the Ken McMasters - Disrupting Family Violence and Moving Closer to Family Wellbeing Program. Our centre is funded to provide four men’s program across the Redlands region per annum, this is delivered through open groups with afternoon and night sessions every Wednesday.

A Women’s Advocate from the Transforming Men program will make contact with those who have experienced and been impacted by participant’s violence. We seek to privilege the safety, wellbeing and needs of women and children survivors of violence and abuse.

The following topics are covered during Transforming Men:

Mission 1 - Laying the foundation. Preparation for active involvement in the program and identifying program goals

Mission 2 - Thinking like a family man. Understanding thinking, uncovering thinking that supports family violence and developing strategies that promote family wellbeing

Mission 3 - Emotions and family wellbeing. What are emotions, why do we have them, developing emotional management skills and strategies for high risk emotions

Mission 4 - Meaningful relationships. Exploring equality and respect in relationships, and developing a range of strategies to enhance respect and family wellbeing

Mission 5 - Impact on others. Understanding and exploring the impact of family violence on children, and the implications and challenges for parents

Mission 6 - Family wellbeing for life. Review their time in the program, consider their challenges and prepare accordingly

Men will…

Spend a minimum of 18 weeks identifying and working towards goals that increase safety and promote family wellbeing

Explore core beliefs that drive abusive thinking/behaviour and demonstrate strategies that promote family wellbeing

Explore emotions and develop strategies to take them closer to family wellbeing

Discover how respect and equality enhance relationships, and how violence and abusive practices undermine respect

Learn how family violence affects children and develop strategies to positively parent children who’ve experienced family violence

Uncover their unique challenges and prepare for a lifetime of family wellbeing


We accept referrals from: Queensland Corrective Services, Department of Child Safety, family support & AOD services, community agencies, self referrals.

Please see our brochure.

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