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This organisation is an Approved Provider under the Domestic and Family Violence Act 2012. The Domestic and Family Violence Intervention Program or Counselling provided by this organisation is an Approved Program.
Program Name: Transforming Men
Phone: (07) 3439 8640
Address: Redlands and Bay Islands
Opening Hours:

8.30am - 4.30pm Monday to Friday (Face to Face by Appointment only)

Domestic and Family Violence court support for Men and Women Tuesday mornings Wynnum Magistrates Court, Wednesday mornings, Cleveland Magistrates Court

Type of Services Offered:
Men's DFV Behaviour Change - Group Program
Men's DFV Behaviour Change - Individual Counselling
DFV Behaviour Change and Parenting Program for Fathers
LGBTIQ-specific DFV Behaviour Change Program or Counselling
Court Information and Assistance
Counselling for Men experiencing DFV

Program Description:

Transforming Men's Program
An 18 week open group intervention program for men that delivers 4 rotations of programs per year which aims to increase safety and promote respectful relationships. Men & and Co services is an approved program provider across the Redlands region including the Southern Moreton Bay Islands. Groups are open to men aged 17 and above. As a core element of the program, we also provide advocacy to persons impacted by abuse.

If you are not residing in the Redlands and are seeking a program in your region, please contact Mensline on 1800 600 636.

Participants will

• Identify and work towards goals
• Explore core beliefs
• Explore emotions and develop strategies for emotional regulation
• Discover how respect and equality enhance relationships
• Learn how family violence affects children
• Uncover challenges and prepare for a lifetime of family wellbeing

What the program covers
Each man must complete an assessment with facilitators prior to entry to group.
Session 1: Laying Foundations for group
Session 2: Preparing for Change
Session 3: Thinking Pathways
Session 4: Beliefs Behind Abuse
Session 5: Thinking Safe Under Pressure
Session 6: Living According to Values
Session 7: Emotions and Abusive Practices
Session 8: High Risk Emotions
Session 9: Mindfully Managing Emotions
Session 10: Intense Situations
Session 11: Respect, Equality & Safety
Session 12: The Impact of my Abuse on Others
Session 13: Communication in Relationships
Session 14: Meaningful Relationships
Session 15: Sexual Respect & Intimacy
Session 16: Impact to Children
Session 17: Custody, Access & Separation
Session 18: Parenting Under Pressure
Session 19: Supports & Accountability
Session 20: Preventing Relapse, Promoting Safety

We accept referrals
Service referrals
Court orders

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